“Past, Present, and Future” , a group exhibition, featured over forty-one artists. Painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, quilters, and more! All of the artists that have had one-person shows,  a few artists that will have a one-person show, and some chosen by the Curator, Patrick Daugherty.

An ambitious first for the Melega Art Museum.

Artists listed alphabetically:

Helen Alt

Rose Blout

Miguel Burgos

Maria Louisa Calandra

Marcene Clark

Madelyn L. Cindric, 2005 Artist of the Pike

Ellen Daugherty

Patrick Daugherty

Mike DeFazio

David DiPietro

Pat Flannery

Abraham D. Fotta

John Gates

William G. Gordon

Mark Joyner

Samuel N. Kolmen

Mary Kay Karolewics, 2000 Artist of the Pike

Charles S. Kovach

Haeyong Kwon

David J. Lesako, 2001 Artist of the Pike

Stanley Liepack

Toni Robin L’Hommedieu

Marie Lint, 2002 Artist of the Pike

David Lupes

David G. Madlock

W. Hunt Marsteller, 2004 Artist of the Pike

Frank R. Melega

Leonard Mieczkowski

Duke Miecznikowski

Paul O’Hara

Nadine A. Reposky

James Rettinger

Daniel R. Salitrik, 2006 Artist of the Pike

Tonye Lea Sharp

Barbara Jamma Smith

Thomas Sproch

Maura Taylor

Cassandra Vivian, 2003 Artist of the Pike

Sharon Yoder

Arthur Weinstein

Nancy Jessen Winkels

2007 Artist of the Pike: 
The Artists of Washington County,
May 19 - August 19, 2007

For the first time, a geographical area was selected as the Frank L. Melega Art Museum “Artist of the Pike”. The Artists of Washington County collectively were 2007’s Artist of the Pike. The exhibition featured a variety of styles, philosophies, and media. The members of the Artist’s Co-op and the World West Galleries, both located in Washington Pennsylvania, Washington County, were featured. The exhibition included an artwork by Malcolm Parcell (1896-1987), considered by many as Washington County’s greatest artist. 

Featured Artists: 

Alice Burroughs        Brody Burroughs        Caitlyn Burroughs

Michael Clauson        Barbara Curry      Ray Dunlevy

Ray W. Forquer     Toby Fraley        John Hinderliter        

Regis Innis         Scott Marko        Duke Miecznikowski  

Jeffery Moyer     Colleen Nelson        Malcolm Parcell

Kit Paulsen        Susan Phillips        Charlie Pitcher

Gary Postrech        Robin Richards        

Michele Soyka-Horosko       Dan Schwartz      Paul Trimmer    

Peter West        Jim Winegar 

Linda Winegar        Pete Zapadaka

“2007 Artist of the Pike” postcard

Past, Present, and Future

Group Exhibition

October 28, 2006 - February 11, 2007

“Past, Present, and Future” postcard

Treasures Found!

March 25 - May 15, 2007

The exhibition opened Sunday, March 25, and featured recently discovered artworks and museum debuts by Frank L. Melega. Plus, a few favorites from private collections that haven’t been on exhibition at the museum since it opened in 1999.

The painting which graces the cover of the exhibition postcard was painted by Mr. Melega for the 1959 Presidential Campaign of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. As you know, Mr. Kennedy won, I am certain, in part, because of this large, forty-four inch high poster. But seriously, Mr. Kennedy was just across the river from the museum in California, Pennsylvania for a campaign stop during his bid for the White House. I remember distinctly how excited my neighbor was because she shook hands with the future President at that event.  A memorable day filled with optimism and hope.

The Kennedy painting was joined by a number of artworks that had not been exhibited in the museum before and artworks that haven’t been seen by anyone for decades. The artworks ranged from small drawings and paintings to larger works.

“Treasures Found!” postcard

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